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Groomer's Story

Our Motto: Better Service, Better Experience

We love our new groomer:

It is a pleasure to work in a trade that has existed for centuries. I am a professional groomer of 17 years: skillfully adept in the arts of pet grooming. Learned techniques such as: hand scissoring, brushing, carding, hand stripping, full skin and coat treatments, including having knowledge of coat variations and breed standard pattern haircuts. I practice communication with my pet clients through understanding body language and behavior patterns during the grooming process. This allows me to placate dogs or cats into settling down, and complete their grooming session with positive affirmations and rewards.

Competition Level Groomer

I began groomer competitions in 2004 with SuperZoo trade shows and have placed several times. During these competitions I have worked with these breeds: Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier, and Standard Poodle.
Finally, I can offer my services from my very own shop, custom designed to create a truly enjoyable experience for your pets.

What People Are Saying About Look Twice Pet Grooming LLC

Feedback is expected and positive feedback says a lot about our quality of service. Happy and satisfied pet owners contribute to our success. We thank you for trusting us with your pets and becoming returning clients.
"We have a Chihuahua who HATES to have his claws cut. Alicia was able to lovingly subdue him and get the job done. Amazing! "
"Alicia has groomed our Japanese Chin boys and they were simply adorable afterwards. We are pretty picky. We want them cut short and we like our groomers to get close on the privates but not chafing she got right in there but they were still happy dogs.
Here is a pic of Griffin when he got so cute by her hand. Check out the before pic. They get to looking like gremlins so there was a lot of work to do. Thanks Alicia for taking your time and getting it right!!"
-Jayme Simpson
Griffen after being groomed - Expert Groomer in Colorado Springs, CO
"Approximately 5 years ago I was on Craigslist and I came across an Ad that was one of the neatest concepts I had seen in a long time. Groomer comes to your home and grooms your Pets. Well, I had at that time three dogs and one Persian cat. Jessie is a very large old English Sheep Dog Great Pyrenees, a German Shepard and a border collie. This made life so much easier for not only me and my husband but also to my pets. I not only got to stay home to do what I needed to get done but I also didn't have to pack up the critters and take them in town. More time saved. She was very professional and she treated the dogs great. She had done a beautiful cut on my large dog. The hair was even all over not choppy. When she bathed the dogs they looked great, smelled good, ears clean, and nails cut nicely. She even cleaned up after herself. More time saved. Alicia not only save me time but her prices were very reasonable. All and all I was extremely pleased.

I have had 2 complaints in the past with groomers. Once when I went to pick up my dog he was tied up in front of a house fan with cold air blowing on him. The other time was when I went to retrieve my dogs one of the groomers was screaming at another dog and being mean to it. I wondered what they had done to my dog. I would highly recommend Alicia Odel. She is honest, does a great job and just a nice young lady."

-Mary E.
To whom it may concern,

I have known Alicia O'Dell, both professionally and personally for over four years. In that time she has groomed my Sigmoid Husky (Aspen) and Belgian Tervuren (Chloe) on a regular basis. Alicia has an incredible rapport with animals.

Both of my dogs are rescue dogs. Chloe is especially fearful and normally has to be muzzled to be groomed. Alicia was the only groomer we ever had that did not need a muzzle to work on Chloe. Aspen was very timid due to her blindness but Alicia was always able to put her at ease. I have had several groomers over the years. Alicia was by far the the best we have ever had.

Alicia was also a very close friend to my wife and I. Jenny, my wife, passed away a few months ago and Alicia was a big help to me during that difficult time.

When Alicia called to let me know she was opening her own grooming shop I was very excited. I have told her for years she needed to have her own shop.

I know that Alicia will be successful at anything she puts her mind to. Her integrity and work ethic are unparalleled.

I would highly recommend Alicia as a groomer. I know, if you trust her with your animals, she will never let you down and you will not be disappointed.


-Richard P.
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