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There are many benefits of regular pet grooming. Simply put, clean pets have a healthier coat and skin. Regular pet grooming also helps your pet know what to expect during the process as well as becoming familiar with our staff. We recommend regular grooming as a part of the overall maintenance of your pet. At Look Twice, LLC pet owners get a FREE fourth groom with the purchase of three grooms! Call today to take advantage of this special.

Prep Work

Most of the grooming work should be well started by the time the dog/cat is ready for a bath. Putting a dog in the tub and getting him wet is about the worst way to start a good groom job. Brushing the coat allows the skin to be exposed, giving the shampoo and conditioner a chance to work it's ... Read more
Dog with Puppies - Pet Stylist at Look Twice in Colorado Springs CO
Pet grooming services - Pet stylist at Look Twice, LLC. in Colorado Springs CO

Nail Trims

A good time to get your dog's nails cut is when you hear the tap dancing of nails on a hard surface, this indicates that the nail is hitting the floor. If the nail is hitting the floor, then the paw is not in a relaxed position. because the nail is keeping the paw from its total extension. When the ... Read more

Puppy Time

Dogs and cats should have the opportunity for exposure to the grooming process allowing them to gain confidence and keep the entire experience happy and positive. Puppies should be included even though their coats are mostly short, and still growing in; getting them brushed, bathed, and dried ... Read more
Quality Grooming - Dog grooming at Look Twice, LLC. in Colorado Springs CO
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